Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Uncover Hypnotic Obstacles to Success

Our beliefs shape our perceptions, our actions, & the results we get. On our new NLP Community Forum (http://www.mynlpresources.com/adv_forum) someone asked "How can you uncover unconscious limiting beliefs?" It's a great question - after all, if they're unconscious, how do you know they're even there? Limiting beliefs are an example of "post-hypnotic suggestions", & when you uncover them, you can accelerate your results by a huge factor.

Here's a quick & easy way you can use to uncover limiting beliefs, ideas & attitudes in a certain area (I'll use 'money' as an example, but it will work for anything).

1) Choose the area to explore.

2a) At the top of a blank piece of paper, write "Money is..."

2b) At the top of a second blank piece of paper, write "Dealing with money is..."

2c) At the top of a third blank piece of paper, write "Wealthy people are..."

I find it useful to include aspects relating to identity (eg wealthy people are, fit people are, successful people are) as well as the thing itself (money is, exercise is, healthy eating is, success is, work is etc).

3) Taking one sheet of paper at a time, complete the sentences as many times as you can, with whatever ideas pop into your mind.

For example, a person might write:

- Dealing with money is boring
- Dealing with money is dull
- Dealing with money is important
- Dealing with money is something I should be doing

4) As you look at what you've written, notice which statements have some "energy" or "charge".

5) As you notice these feelings, say "Thank-you" to them. It's not about judging the beliefs / ideas / attitudes as good or bad. They've all served you in some way until now. What you resist persists, but what you thank feels acknowledged, & can start to shift & change.

6) You can practice your NLP meta model & other questioning skills to play with the ideas you've written down, with a sense of fun & play.

7) On a seperate sheet, write down several new, empowering beliefs that you'd like to adopt.

For example:

- Dealing with money is fun
- Dealing with money is easy
- Dealing with money is a straightforward habit, like brushing my teeth

If brushing your teeth is not yet a straightforward habit, it's probably worth sorting this out before dealing with your money beliefs :-)

8) You can, if you wish, burn the original sheets of paper as a symbol to your unconscious of releasing those old ideas (remembering of course to keep all their positive intentions).

Have fun!

Jamie Smart


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