Thursday, 2 August 2007

Instant Performance Enhancers

Hi guys

Welcome to my new Real World NLP & Hypnosis blog. I’ll be updating the blog regularly with real life examples of NLP & Hypnosis in action, as well as whatever else I happen to be exploring / pondering / obsessing about on the day.

I moved into my new house in Leicester the day before yesterday. Speaking of which, a million thank-yous to Nikki Owen (formerly Nikki Leigh), my amazing assistant for making the move a reality - I’m really grateful to have Nikki heading up such a fantastic team here at Salad.

Anyway, last night I was playing with the superb game, Bop It Extreme 2.

This seriously addictive game involves responding to spoken commands (“Flick it”, “Spin it”, “Twist it”, “Pull it” & “Bop it”) issues at high speed over a ‘beatbox’ soundtrack.

Because it requires both hands & both sides of the brain, as well as a combination of linguistic, rhythmic, visual & tactile senses, it’s great for inducing high-performance ‘flow’ states.

Anyway, I’ve been playing with it over the last week, getting scores of up to 70 or 80, when I suddenly realised I hadn’t set a specific goal. As an experiment, I set a goal to get a score of 200. I imagined getting a 200 score, imagined how I would feel, then started playing the game. Whenever my attention started to wander, I would say “200” to myself.

It seemed like I’d been playing for ages when I finally missed one, & the machine said Game over – high score – 230”.

This was a potent reminder for me of just how powerful, practical & instantaneous the effects are when you set a goal. This isn’t because goals are “a good thing” – it’s because of the way that human neurology works. What you focus on increases. When I focused on getting a score over 200, my unconscious in ways that I couldn’t figure out consciously. mind took over & helped me to get it

When you set goals in your life, you instantly harness the awesome power of your unconscious mind to help you achieve them.

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Jason said...

Hi Jamie! I really like your posts. Yes, more people need to learn how to allow the subconscious mind to figure out the details of reaching their goals instead of trying to reason everything out. The subconscious has many more resources available than the conscious.

Thanks for the insights!